Vivantio's CEO Greg Rich was recently featured in a round up article from where the question was asked: How do I select an ITSM solution for my business?  See his response below and you can access the entire article here. 

How do I select an ITSM solution for my business?

greg-rich-ceo-and-co-founderWhen selecting an ITSM solution there are some key things to keep in mind. The system must be flexible and support and compliment your business process. It must be able to be configured to match your business needs as opposed to having to constrain your processes to fit the tool. The solution should also be based on industry best practices such as ITIL.

The relationship with the vendor is as crucial as the tool itself. The solution must allow the configuration of the solution by the business and not be beholden to the vendor. The vendor and the solution must enable the business to elevate its service to its end users or customers without the need of costly customization and development that is not in the reach of the service teams themselves.

Also, IT does not sit in a silo. Integrations with other systems are vital. Even if the ITSM tool is solely used within the IT team, having the ability to integrate with other line of business systems will provide a holistic view of the business, customers or end users and will allow the service team to support its end users much more efficiently. Above all, the ITSM solution should create true value to end users or customers.

This excerpt originally appeared in a round up article from You can access the entire article here. 

Greg Rich

by Greg Rich

With over 25 years in customer services, Greg co-founded Vivantio with the goal to provide a leading service management solution that puts the focus back on enabling outstanding customer service without being cost or growth restrictive.