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Alan Shrimpton, IT Strategy Manager at a global car manufacturer, weighs in on why his organization chose Vivantio and their experience using the ITSM Platform to meet their ITIL and performance requirements.


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How Self-Service Portals Improve the Customer Service Experience

In this video, we explain how self-service portals play a key role in the customer service experience. The Vivantio service management platform enables service teams to build codeless, custom self-service portals tailored to business needs and customers.


Roles and Permissions Provide Data Control for Service Management Teams

Roles and permissions are crucial because they determine who--and what departments--can perform certain operations and access particular (e.g., confidential) data within the software. This video provides an overview of the roles and permissions capabilities within the Vivantio platform.


Feature Highlight: Workflows

In this video, Melissa, one of our product specialists, will demonstrate how users can automate business processes using workflows in Vivantio.



Feature Highlight: Ticket Views

Vivantio provides several ways to view tickets based upon technician preference and the type of customer service requests being fulfilled. Check out this video to learn more.



Feature Highlight: Creating Tickets

In this video, Patrick, one of our solutions consultants, demonstrates the multiple options for creating a ticket within the Vivantio platform.



Feature Highlight: Custom Forms & Fields

In this video, product specialist Melissa provides an overview and demonstrates the functionality of creating custom forms and fields in Vivantio.



Vivantio ITSM Software Empowers Teams to Provide Focused Customer Service

In this video, team members at Vivantio, a leading service management software provider, took time out during the Service Desk and IT Support Conference in London to discuss how customer service is at the core of their organization.



Simplify Enterprise Service Management with Vivantio

In this product demonstration, Vivantio Sales Engineers, Mark and Melissa, show participants how they can quickly and easily add new departments to create a full-service management solution.



Learn How You Can Elevate Your Service Using Vivantio