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Join Vivantio at SITS 2022 - The Service Desk & IT Support Show

By Staff Writer on 4/8/22 11:18 AM

We're headed to SITS 2022 and you're invited!


After a 2-year hiatus, Europe's leading event for ITSM, Service Desk and IT Support Professionals is back in person and Vivantio will be there providing insights on elevating your customer experience alongside expertly-led demos of our award-winning service management platform.


SITS 22 - The Service Desk & IT Support Show is happening 11-12 May 2022 at ExCel, London and this year, we are especially excited as our Chief Operation Officer, Andy Walsh and our Head of Customer Success, Alexis Mackie, will be presenting a special session on "Why Service Optimisation is Vital for your Vision" as part of the educational programme. 



Vivantio's session at SITS 2022 will provide insights on how to improve service operations including developing and implementing partner ecosystems to create a single source of truth for service teams. Plus, we'll look at mapping the customer journey to value streams that increase internal and external customer satisfaction, advocacy, and revenue. 


We will touch on practical service optimization tips that will allow you to develop a better Customer Journey and build in predictors to improve usage and satisfaction. We'll also provide real case study examples with metrics that matter including a 45% growth in self-service usage and an 80% reduction in incident resolution times.

And at a time when talent management has become a significant force in every service organization, it’s more important than ever to provide your team with the tools, knowledge, and key performance indicators they need to succeed in any, and all environments.


"Sixty-four percent of customer service and support leaders report 'grow the business' is their most critical priority in 2022" - Gartner, Inc.


Technology research and consulting firm Gartner predicts that 64% of customer service and support leaders are placing more emphasis on business growth in 2022.  These leaders and their peers now recognize that service and support is no longer considered a cost-center with a sole purpose of retention, but that more value can be added beyond just fixing issues.  Enhanced customer service interactions can lead to new revenue streams while also protecting existing ones.  Gartner reports that forward thinking leaders (making up 82% of organizations), are planning to implement value enhancement strategies to improve their revenue. Don’t miss Vivantio’s session "Why Service Optimisation is Vital for your Vision" for more insights!




Click the link above to pre-register for free and don't forget to stop by our stand to meet the speakers and experience a personalized demo from the Vivantio team.




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Top 3 Takeaways at the 2019 Service Desk and IT Support Conference

By Staff Writer on 4/30/19 9:00 AM


London’s 2019 Service Desk & IT Support Show is now over and the Vivantio team has met with over 300 people to demo the latest features in FLEX. During the show, we spoke with customers and industry experts to hear the big topics on everyone’s mind this year. Here’s what we heard.



Choosing the best ITSM software for your company can seem challenging. With several options and configurations on the market, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. What companies truly need to consider are their business goals, then assess potential costs and options such as SaaS vs on-premise delivery, the software’s hosting platform partner, security standards and certificates, and integration abilities. Attendees learned the do’s and don’ts of the ITSM selection process at the “How to avoid common pitfalls: a guide to ITSM tool election” seminar by Pink Elephant, who we’ve partnered with in the past to discuss ITSM strategies.

IT technician typing on server laptop



Is IT still relevant? We think so. But thanks to ever-evolving technology and customer demands, IT departments feel they are fighting to stay relevant, which was a hot topic in the “Fighting for relevance” seminar by Virtual Clarity. We’ve found that to provide top-of-the-line service, IT service teams will need to create strong customer connections, stay on top of technological innovation, deliver even better (and faster) service, continue to ensure quality processes, and adhere to security protocols–which leads us to the question of…



…How to best streamline service management. Because an organization is greater than the sum of its parts, several companies search for scalable ITSM software that can serve multiple departments. By using custom-built workflows, conditional custom fields and forms, and flexible self-service portals, a company can meet the demands of both internal and external customers. Employee training is also crucial. SkillsTx covered how to identify what skills an IT team will need to keep up with customer demands in the panel discussion, “What skills do you have and what do you need?”



We provide a solution to some of these challenges. With your goal of improving service teams in mind, we’re creating software that is at the forefront of the industry. Vivantio is a centralised hub for all your service needs, enabling users to provide outstanding service management without being cost- or growth-restrictive. Let us show you.

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