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Ticketing System Tips for Service Optimization - Vivantio Vibe Podcast

By Todd Carruth on 3/22/22 1:23 PM

Let's face it - TICKETING is the focal point for every service management system.  How well you handle service requests can either lead to broken SLAs and upset customers or streamlined processes and happier outcomes. 
Vivantio's Product Specialist Melissa Faletra visits with Director of Digital Marketing Todd Carruth about the recent Demo Workshop Webinar "Ticketing Tips for Service Optimization" now available on demand here.
Listen as Todd and Melissa share some key tips from the on-demand webinar that include onboarding ideas for self-service portals and creating custom workflows.  And discover why Melissa's technical background gives her a unique perspective on helping people with software solutions. 

You can listen below or download wherever you get your favorite podcasts including iTunes or Spotify. 



Remember, no matter what your service management platform, use these tips from the webinar to help you achieve Service Optimization and help elevate your customer experience!   Just click here to start watching.

And you can always register for your free customized demo of the award-winning Vivantio platform by clicking FREE DEMO below.FREE DEMO


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Service Management Software Demo Expectations - Podcast

By Todd Carruth on 2/10/22 3:59 PM

We've all signed up for a demo or a trial for a software solution but not all companies provide the same amount of support after you fill out that form. 

Mark Walker Headshot-1Join Vivantio's Director of Digital Marketing Todd Carruth and Software Sales Engineer Mark Walker (right) as they discuss the questions you should ask and what you should expect whether your just a passenger or a driver when it comes to testing a service management solution.

Learn more about our demo workshop series here. 

You can listen below or download wherever you get your favorite podcasts including iTunes or Spotify. 


Now that you know what to expect, why not try a demo yourself? Click below to get your free consult and demo from Vivantio. 



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Top Service Management Solution Demo Now Available On Demand

By Staff Writer on 2/1/22 4:12 PM

Join us for this in-depth look in this live demo of the powerful and highly configurable Vivantio service management solution   Hear from our experts as we demonstrate how to get the most out of this award-winning platform and elevate your customer experience. 

See Vivantio In Action 

Now Available On Demand


As part of our DEMO WORKSHOP Series, sign up now to see Vivantio In Action, a live demo on demand from Product Specialist Melissa Faletra and Software Sales Engineer Mark Walker. Discover how to easily configure and quickly enable the many features of the Vivantio solution including:  

  • Customizing TICKETING views and working with automation, workflows and routing
  • Using our built-in CRM to provide a holistic view of the operations
  • Storing unlimited ASSETS in a full CMDB and mapping their relationships
  • Providing knowledge-based ARTICLES and videos to help increase efficiency
  • Creating custom dashboards and REPORTS to help make informed decisions
  • Managing codeless INTEGRATIONS with popular platforms like Azure, Office, Jira and more! 


Plus, the Vivantio platform is backed by ITIL to drive continuous improvement, boost service efficiency and elevate customer satisfaction.  Don't miss out - watch it on demand today! 

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