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Vivantio and DigitoWork Announce Market-Leading Partnership for India

By Staff Writer on 4/4/22 10:30 PM

Vivantio and DigitoWork Announce Market-Leading Partnership for India 

Innovative service management provider partners with new generation IT digital services organization to expand global reach 


Boston, MA (April 4, 2022) - Vivantio, an innovative provider of customer service management software and solutions, and DigitoWork, a new generation IT digital service provider, are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership that will provide Vivantio’s award-winning service management solutions to the India market through DigitoWork’s best-in-class IT solutions and services.  

"Vivantio capabilities lead the market in both value and scalability Their client base is one of the most loyal in the market space,” said founder and CEO of DigitoWork Dinesh Mehn. “Not only is Vivantio a flexible and scalable solution that can provide Enterprise Service Management capabilities, but their SaaS platform scales for companies big and small to efficiently implement the service delivery process for improved customer satisfaction.  DigitoWork looks forward to working closely with  Vivantio to provide these cutting-edge technology products to businesses in India to improve productivity and customer service delivery.”   

“We are proud to partner with DigitoWork and bring our intuitive, flexible and scalable service management platform to India,” said Greg Rich, founder and CEO of Vivantio. “Working with a true global data management partner allows us to expand our reach as more and more companies around the world are realizing the gains to be made by optimizing their service and elevating the customer experience.”  

Customers’ expectations of service are growing exponentially. Meeting these increased expectations while managing one’s business makes delivering sound customer service extremely challenging. Vivantio’s platform along with DigitoWork’s services network enables more businesses to deliver world-class customer service effectively, efficiently, and affordably to optimize customer satisfaction, retention, and value. 

For more information about Vivantio’s award-winning service management solution now available through DigitoWork in India, please visit: 

To learn more about Vivantio, visit 

About Vivantio: Vivantio is a leading provider of customer service optimization software and solutions for demanding B2B service teams. Vivantio’s award-winning solutions feature rapid, low-cost deployments through a “configuration vs. customization” design. Highly scalable for growing companies, Vivantio empowers teams to take charge and elevate the service experience to both internal and external customers. Easily track KPIs, increase productivity, accelerate response times, all through a simple and intuitive interface.  

About Digitowork: DigitoWork is a new generation IT digital services provider for the new world. A responsible partner for customers, Digitowork enables digital transformation in a way that is inclusive, transparent, fast, lean & agile. Customer-centricity is foundational to Digitowork with a goal to support clients in achieving business objectives by providing innovative, best-in-class IT solutions and services. Digitowork nurtures a culture with a passion to refresh the world and make a difference.  


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Making Sales Easier With Good Customer Service

By Staff Writer on 12/28/21 12:08 PM

Did you know that better customer service has a direct effect on accelerating the sales process?  It can have a huge impact on customer retention as well as increasing upsell and cross-sell opportunities.  And statistics show that acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing one. 

Watch this video to learn more about the connection between customer service and sales plus the two main considerations you should look for in a service management platform partner. 


Vivantio offers an approach to Customer Service Optimization through our Unified Customer Service Management Platform that elevates your customer experience.  

To learn more or request a live demo, click here. 

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When your Customer Service is Right, Sales Success Works at a Whole New Level

By Staff Writer on 5/17/21 12:15 AM

Not only is it easier for your team to sell (and cross-sell... and upsell) to satisfied customers, it's a whole lot more profitable—from 25% to 95% more, according the inventor of the Net Promoter Score, Frederick Reichheld of Bain and Company.

It's a phenomenon that makes intuitive sense, but it's even more impactful when you start looking at the numbers. Whether the KPI levers you're trying to pull involve increasing revenue from monthly subscribers or shortening the sales cycle for major programs, focusing on delivering superior Customer Experience (CX) will pay great dividends.

The "shortcut" that benefits every stakeholder

Better Customer Service has a direct effect on accelerating the sales process, by improving customer retention, upsell and cross-sell opportunities. Statistics show that acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing one.


Improving the Customer Journey—some concrete steps

Understanding the concepts and principles behind the Customer Journey can go a long way in helping you re-imagine current practices to find ways to streamline processes, break down silos, and increase transparency across the entire extended value chain. All of this helps bolster your team's ability to deliver a better CX.

Achieving these gains often means improving your human-driven processes, making sure your team is supported by the right technology—and giving your customers robust self-service options for quickly getting the information and services they need most.


For the technology piece, be sure to find a "good fit" partner

Two main considerations should be:

  1. Does the Customer Service platform provide you with the kind of robust
    visibility and interfaces with your enterprise systems to make "one-call resolution"
    a reality? Look for solutions that can deliver on the vision of a unified customer
    service management platform.
  2. Does the solution match your in-house skills/need and leave you free to configure
    for the future (without a lot of expensive consulting)?
Some of today's popular platforms require extensive implementation assistance. To make the product appealing, the monthly cost may not appear too high—until you begin to add-in consulting fees.

Vivantio offers an approach to Customer Service Optimization through our Unified Customer Service Management Platform that is truly poised to support better CX and customer journeys.

To learn more or request a live demo, click here.
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