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On-Demand Webinar for Ticketing Tool Tips Available Now

By Staff Writer on 2/28/22 1:04 PM

Looking for tips on ticket management to help streamline processes and keep customers happy? 

Don't miss this live demo workshop as we answer your questions and provide real actionable ideas on how to improve service optimization and elevate your customer experience.

Ticketing Tips for Service Optimization

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

10:30 am ET / 2:30 pm GMT

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Let's face it - TICKETING is the focal point for every service management system.  How well you handle tickets can either lead to broken SLAs and upset customers or streamlined processes and happier outcomes. 
Join Product Specialist Melissa Faletra and Software Sales Engineer Mark Walker as they answer your questions and demonstrate how to optimize your service using these ticketing tips including:
  • onboarding ideas for Self-Service Portals
  • creating rules for automation and escalation
  • using templates, history and insights
  • scheduling custom workflows
  • merging tickets for efficiency and much more!  
No matter what your service management platform, use these tips to help you achieve Service Optimization and elevate your customer experience! 
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WEBINAR: Watch On Demand - Using FLEXBridge to Create the Future of CX

By Staff Writer on 6/1/21 2:16 PM

Today, every business is a service business. The future success of one’s business is tied to customer experience. Now available on demand, Vivantio Vice President of Technology Andrew Stevens presented a 35-minute webinar showcasing Vivantio’s new enhancement, FLEXBridge™, which allows for seamless integration with virtually every other essential tool for a complete customer experience ecosystem.

Watch it now on demand. 

As part of the complete customer experience ecosystem, Vivantio's Unified Service Management Platform integrated with FLEXBridge enables B2Bs to:

  • Gain comprehensive visibility into virtually all data that touches any part of the Customer Journey
  • Use no-code technology to simplify bi-directional data integration and mapping
  • Track and report on the KPIs essential to improved service
  • Tailor service provision at the individual customer level
Vivantio enables SMBs to deliver world-class customer service effectively, efficiently, and affordably to optimize customer satisfaction, retention and value.


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WEBINAR: Rethinking Customer Service in 2021

By Staff Writer on 4/12/21 12:46 PM

If you've been looking to make leaps in Customer Service improvement, but have struggled with finding the right method—or justifying the investment to your boss—you shouldn’t miss this fast-moving and fact-filled webinar:
Vivantio’s 46-minute “Rethinking Customer Service in 2021".

In less than 50 minutes, you'll understand why a Service Optimization Solution could put you in an "uncatchable" competitive position for the foreseeable future.

We're going to cover the topics that are driving customer service leadership in 2021 including:
  • Self-service configuration and ticket routing
  • Load-balancing strategies and practices
  • Optimized workflows and business rules
  • Proactive vs. Reactive service for improved CX

Now available on demand, don't miss Greg Rich, CEO of Vivantio and Alexis Mackie, Customer Success Manager as they share the secrets to moving against your 2021 Cs/CX goals and start Rethinking Customer Service in 2021

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